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(1) Process development


We pay attention to the continuous research and development of new technology for generic drugs.

Through more than ten years of investment and development, we have accumulated experience in

research and development of various types of compound technology.


  Synthetic route design, development and optimization


• Assess whether the existing route and related steps meet the requirements of scale-up, cost, safety, and quality control

• Design a new synthetic route by a Ph.D. chemist with rich experience and conduct laboratory exploration of the new route

• Apply new technology to turn unacceptable steps into acceptable


(2) CRO & CDMO:


We provide customers with integrated solutions, commissioned processing and contract customization

services from R&D, pilot trials to scale-up production. At the same time, we provide customers with

technical development to production scale-up verification to meet customer needs with lower production

costs. Bring value space and provide product customization and production services ranging from grams to

kilograms to tons.


Process development and optimization:


• Process development and synthesis and control strategy formulation

• Suitable for final process development for commercial production

• In order to obtain a steady process, cost reduction and process optimization to increase yield

• High-cost catalyst screening and optimization

• Salt form screening, crystal form screening and process development

• Impurity spectrum analysis, impurity identification, synthesis.